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Monday, February 23, 2004

Liberal Bias at the Globe!

No, not really. Today's ombud column shows some people have deluded themselves into thinking that's so, however:

"I wish the Globe would explain its idea of fairness. It spends thousands of dollars trying to prove that President Bush missed a few meetings of the National Guard, and then there's a report that Kerry might have committed adultery, and they dismiss it with two lines," said Jim Mahony of West Roxbury.

Yes, and the Globe has always been such a backer of Kerry's... Oh wait. Then there's the inconvenience of the two situations not being at all comparable. Chinlund writes, "the reporting has revealed that military records don't reflect what Bush maintains is true -- that he kept up his required National Guard duty in Alabama. That is a fact and worth reporting, just as the Globe in 1992 aggressively reported on Bill Clinton's draft records." On the other hand, "By the time the rumor appeared on the Drudge Report website on Feb. 12, the Globe had already spent two weeks trying to verify a similar rumor about Kerry, to no avail." It seems rather straightforward that the paper should cover something when there's evidence and not cover something when there is no evidence.