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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Kerry Windbag Watch, Part 5

More than just the windbag aspect, actually; Ron Fournier says Kerry isn't taking John Edwards seriously enough, reminding some of his attitude toward Howard Dean last year. He's been sick and he's tired from the travel:

Longtime advisers say weariness leads to long-windedness with Kerry. When he is tired, Kerry lapses into the plodding, superfluous language the permeates congressional debates.

Workers do not just impress him, ''they have touched my conscience and my heart.'' His message does not just resonate, it's ''ringing loud and clear.''

And Cathy Schaefer is not just a diabetic whom he introduced at a union rally. She is ''an eight-year breast cancer survivor struggling to be able to get health care walking a picket line that I've been privileged to walk in California simply to get the care that she needs and desperately wants and deserves.''

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