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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Kerry and the Locals

Saturday's Globe has a story on "To Some Constituents, Kerry Still a Puzzle" describing how John Kerry doesn't exactly have the most enthusiastic home-state backing a politician has ever enjoyed. The piece explains what I've been trying to say for a while on this page about this, and it includes the following excellent anecdote:

Even among higher-level politicians, Kerry is not exactly known for his personal touch. Some stories have made it into State House lore: most famously, perhaps, the time in 1996 when William Reinstein, a lawmaker from Revere, with his colleagues looking on, introduced himself to Kerry as "Representative Butchy Cataldo," a former legislator. Kerry fell for it; slapping him on the back and telling "Butchy" how good it was to see him again.

The latest line of attack on Kerry seems to be that National Journal has rated him the "most liberal" member of the Senate, producing critiques like this. Unfortunately for Kerry-bashers, the story is more complicated as Eugene Oregon reports after actually reading the National Journal article (what a novel idea!), which is subscription-only, hence no direct link, yet quoted liberally in the linked blog post.