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Friday, February 27, 2004

Hair's Johnny!

Headline ripped from yesterday's Globe:

"Bless you," Johnny Damon said yesterday as he entered the Red Sox clubhouse. "Bless you all."

Heads turned as Damon, fully bearded, with his brown hair flowing to his shoulders, submitted one of the best impersonations of Jesus of Nazareth this side of "The Passion of the Christ." But no one knelt before him.

Perhaps someone is taking the Mel Gibson movie a little too seriously? Or maybe he's just trying to beat out Pedro Martinez for the title of ugliest hair on the Red Sox.

This is about as exciting as spring training gets (that is to say, not very), so I can't really understand why every Boston TV station has to have their people down in Fort Myers giving live reports every night. A few years ago Bill Simmons catalogued the types of stories that get recycled during spring training every year, summing things up nicely.