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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Edwards' Foreign Policy Inexperience

Hey, check it out, a negative article on John Edwards. This piece in the LA Times highlights Edwards' apparent lack of familiarity with foreign policy issues, beginning with his misunderstanding of a current trade dispute with the EU and moving on to a broader discussion of Edwards' seeming ignorance:

In recent days, Edwards has been pressed by reporters for his views on foreign policy matters. He generally has responded without much specificity.

On Monday, he was asked about the uprising in Haiti and a U.S.-brokered proposal to end the strife. The plan, which so far has not been accepted by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, would allow the beleaguered leader to finish his term in 2006 if he accepts the appointment of a new prime minister approved by rebels and allows parliamentary elections that should have occurred last year.

"I think for the time being, that's the correct approach," Edwards said. "I think we just have to continue to evaluate it."

Last week, Edwards offered vague answers in discussing U.S. policy toward Asia, and North and South Korea.

Edwards said his approach would be "something different than what the administration has, which is almost a nonexistent policy." He also said Bush has "alienated a lot of the South Korean leadership."

When asked a general question about U.S. relations with Germany--one of the European nations that has opposed U.S. policy in Iraq--Edwards said he thought "our transantlantic relationships are very important, including our relationship with Germany."

I don't doubt that the general direction of an Edwards administration foreign policy would be better than that of a Bush administration, but I do think his lack of knowledge about these things is rather alarming. This is a main reason why Kerry is a better candidate.