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Monday, February 23, 2004

Celtics Boycott

Chuck Hirshberg argues on Page 2 today that Boston Celtics fans should boycott the team. He cites Danny Ainge promising not to trade Antoine Walker in the press and then trading him anyway. He also points out that owner Wyc Grousbeck told the Boston Business Journal that the team can tank since there's no competition in Worcester, basically arguing that he can take a fan base and its money for granted.

Hirshberg is right. The team has been needlessly blown up with Danny Ainge claiming all the while that he has some unspecified "plan" to return the team to a championship level. Ainge ran a very good coach out of town in Jim O'Brien, he has demoralized the remaining players, most importantly Paul Pierce, and his moves have not actually done anything to put the Celtics in a position to win in the years ahead. It has been sickening to watch, and ownership doesn't seem to care.

I'm making my personal boycott official tonight, the nonsensical trade deadline deal and the humiliation against Portland being the final straws. I remain an NBA fan who will simply watch other games. Thursday night's TNT lineup is looking sweet this week, with Dallas-San Antonio and Lakers-Sacramento, so I'll get my fix that way. Perhaps we'll see some common sense out of the C's front office in the coming weeks since the team has lost 12 of 13 and the stuff is really going to start hitting the fan.