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Thursday, February 26, 2004

A Blogging Milestone

Last night I received my first angry email response to the stuff I've written about gay marriage (I'm not sure if my buddy got the address from this page or a comment elsewhere):

You would be better suited to changing society to fit your law than changing the law to fit your view of society. Society in the USA does not fit with your rogue viewpoints ATM. Please take your civil disobedience to another country. We don't need social deviants like you.

Well, he was considerate enough to say "please," so it's off to Canada for me! People advocate for changes in the law all the time, and it's a rather basic element of the system. I'm actually against the "civil disobedience" in San Francisco, if that's what my pal is referring to.

Chicago law professor Cass Sustein's op-ed in today's LA Times might be an edifying read for this correspondent.