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Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Bartman Ball

In case you haven't been following this vital story, the baseball that was touched by fan Steve Bartman during last fall's playoffs, dooming the Cubs' chances, is going to be blown up tonight on TV (ESPN and MSNBC will have the ceremony). They have an elaborate schedule of events lined up, culminating in the demolition, which has been planned by a Hollywood special effects expert who has done such films as Jurassic Park. I'm not making anything up.

Here's an article on the ball's final day of existence, here's an interpretation of the ball's final public statements, and here's a debate over whether the ball should be preserved. Chicagoans have clearly lost their minds.

This is the highlight of a strong night on the TV, including the California debate, a Frontline special on Iraq, and an excellent NBA doubleheader on TNT.