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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Why I Love the Golden Globes

Separating comedies from dramas is key so that you don't end up with Sean Penn and Bill Murray competing head-to-head. While both performances were outstanding, I think Penn will win simply because it's a more serious role and film he's in. Plus, the Golden Globes gives nominations like Billy Bob Thornton for Bad Santa too.

In honor of the Bennifer breakup I saw Gigli last night. After all the criticism it took, I was expecting a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style laugh-fest, but it didn't satisfy on that level either. While the plot and script were indeed terrible, not to mention the acting, there were a few redeeming elements, mostly the hijinks with the retarded kid Ben and Jen kidnap. We have to consider this movie the worst of all time, though, out of our envy at the rich and famous Lopez and Affleck, I guess.

Now back to excessive primary and Super Bowl coverage.