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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

O'Brien Out as Celtics Coach

Long rumored since Danny Ainge came to town, now it's official: Jim O'Brien has resigned.

O'Brien was a godsend to this franchise, putting the pieces together after Rick Pitino skipped town in disgrace and getting the Celtics to the playoffs two years in a row after a seven-year absence. He deserved to be treated better by Danny Ainge, who arrived on the scene last spring with a clear agenda and no one, not even the team's best coach in a decade, was going to tell him otherwise. I viewed the Antoine Walker trade as necessary from a business standpoint, given he wouldn't be re-signed, but the Ricky Davis deal really didn't add up to me, as the Celtics sent away a few quality veteran guys for a bad character swingman when they already have Pierce and Welsch. Bugging Obie to give Vin Baker more playing time was another Ainge mistake, seeing how Baker has turned out.

Danny Ainge was brought in as a ploy by the franchise to try to rekindle excitement by reviving memories of the 1980s championship years. The honeymoon faded quickly, though, as evidenced by the booing Ainge took at the FleetCenter on Cedric Maxwell Night in December. When the team struggled to fit the many new pieces together during the early part of the season, some tensions arose, as did rumors that Ainge might fire O'Brien and take over on the bench himself. Ainge has denied them, but he'll definitely be hearing more grief now that O'Brien, viewed more favorably than the Basketball Ops man, has apparently had enough of the dictating from upstairs about how he run his team.

To put things bluntly here, I think the Celtics should be getting rid of Danny Ainge, not Jim O'Brien, who spent a whole one day as the longest-tenured coach in the Eastern Conference after Byron Scott's ouster in New Jersey yesterday.

(Thanks to Sports Frog for alerting me to the news, even though it made me feel ill.)