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Thursday, January 29, 2004

No WMDs = Good News

The Post has a front-pager on David Kay and the myth of Iraqi weapons.

Some in the administration favor a frank public acknowledgment that the intelligence on Iraq was wrong, but that is not yet the prevailing view. National security adviser Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to appear today on news shows, in which she is expected to continue calling for more time to search.

I find it amazingly cynical how the Republicans, including those who had a chance to question Kay in the Senate Wednesday, keep desperately trying to create the impression that at some point, Hussein posed some sort of a weapons threat, maybe.

Sure, the weapons were the main part of Bush's case for sending the country to war and finding some evidence of them would be helpful to the president politically, but that perspective completely loses sight of what actually matters here, the safety of the US. If we found some evidence of weapons, that would be bad--it would mean a likelihood that some had been moved from the country and perhaps fallen into the wrong hands. No weapons, however, eliminates this scenario.

Republicans like to claim that Democrats want the war effort in Iraq to go poorly for political reasons, but what about the Bushies hoping that we can confirm our fear of a weapons threat to national security? Who's pessimistic now?