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Saturday, January 31, 2004

MoveOn Ad War

MoveOn is continuing to raise a stink over their ad being banned from the Super Bowl telecast by CBS. An email sent to members yesterday advised a "one-minute boycott" of CBS during the game to watch when the 30-second ad plays on CNN at both 8:10 and 8:35 tomorrow night. Switch the channel if you're in the mood (I think I'll keep it locked on the game, thanks).

Saturday's New York Times has an editorial that puts the issue perfectly: "Enhancing male sexual performance is one thing, but public policy advocacy is beyond the pale when it comes to acceptable Super Bowl fare." Bill Maher also has some good perspective on the "Boner Bowl."

With the budget deficit projection climbing higher still, the ad's claim of a "$1 trillion deficit," which I've criticized as exaggerated in the past, may come true yet.

MORE: Billmon on the budget issue and GOP gripes. Dan Kennedy on "A grateful CBS pays its White House dues."