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Friday, January 30, 2004

More Primary Notes

Good stuff in The Note today, which is hardly surprising.

The Washington Times predictably leads their debate coverage with the alleged Kerry gaffe of calling the threat of terrorism exaggerated. The quoting is nice and selective, so as to hide the fact that Kerry was talking about the case for war in Iraq, not 9/11. John Edwards' cheap shot on this point is presented as though it were totally reasonable. For a primer on my gripe here, check out my verbose debate recap from last night.

Deborah Norville's show got the only interview with Joe Trippi last night. The Note complains:

Exclusively, Deborah Norville managed to conduct an interview with Joe Trippi yesterday without asking about Kate O'Connor or Bob Rogan or budget authority or anything else.

Amusingly, MSNBC put up a picture of "Roy Neal."

Trippi cried twice. (Several in Burlington cried along with him as they watched it.)

Catch Trippi next on tonight's Hardball with Chris Matthews.

The ABC folks don't seem to realize he probably chose Norville because he knew she wouldn't get into the nasty political gotcha stuff. As best I can tell, Norville's new 9pm MSNBC show is trying to appeal to women viewers with a less combative style than, say, Hannity and Colmes, which it competes with directly. I wonder if women mind Larry King's dozen (or so) marriages?

No mention of the Trippi interview on Blog for America, but they do have a introductory message from the new chairman, Roy Neel. It's also pretty interesting timing for this GQ piece on Trippi to be coming out, no? (via Josh Marshall)

The Note further informs my comments on the lack of a Super Bowl bet between Kerry and Edwards. Apparently the two made a deal: Kerry wouldn't attack Edwards for a lack of Patriot pride in New Hampshire, and in turn Edwards wouldn't play the Pantehrs card in South Carolina.

Kerry also has an ad in Spanish out, according to ABC:

The Kerry campaign will release their first Spanish language ad, a 30 second spot airing only in Arizona and New Mexico. Although the narrator highlights Kerry's commitment to health care and education in Spanish, the candidate, whose wife speaks fluent Spanish, utters only one foreign language line: "Soy John Kerry y he aprobado este mensaje proque quiero devolver la esperanza a este pias." (Translation: "I'm John Kerry and I approved this message because I want to return hope to this [non-existent word].")

The Note suspects Kerry, who claims to be listening to Spanish language tapes in his rare spare time, means to restore hope to this country.

Country in Spanish is "pais" with an accent on the i, as I'm sure all of you espanol scholars are aware. Too bad the campaign let such a silly error through (although I haven't heard the audio myself).

Finally, I seem to have left out a few of the funnies in my debate post from last night--I guess I got too wrapped up in criticizing Brokaw and trying to discern what the event meant for the race. Pandagon and En Banc have threads up pointing out such moments as Dennis Kucinich holding up his hands and promising to heal the country with them, and Kucinich's claim that "43 million people" were watching the debate when he meant that that number were without health insurance. Jeremy Blacjhman of En Banc: "'There are 43 million people watching this debate right now asking who's gonna take care of me.' If there are 43 million people watching this debate, American Idol eight times a week is going to be replaced with nightly presidential debates, and MSNBC is going to be through the roof."

But my favorite had to be this selection from Lieberman (from the transcript):

And part of what that means is that I have the capacity not only to unite Democrats, but to get independents and disgruntled Republicans to come together so I can actually get elected and defeat George Bush.

Talk about delusional! Lieberman lived in New Hampshire for five weeks, campaigned non-stop, and finished in fifth place. Sure, you can complain about Sharpton and Kucinich as vanity caniddates too, but at least they don't make electability the centerpiece of their campaigns.