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Friday, January 30, 2004

Lazy Friday

Before I go...

Zachary Roth of Campaign Desk cites Tom Brokaw for some problems with his performance as moderator in last night's debate, echoing my concerns Saletan has a good wrap-up too, though I'll leave the debate linkage at that.

Another key under-the-radar campaign development is that the Massachusetts State Democratic Party last night made their support for gay marriage official in a vote. Chairman Phil Johnston said he didn't think this would have any impact on the Kerry campaign. Right. No one from the campaign was available for comment, the Globe says. The legislature is due to take up this matter on February 11, rather awkward timing for Kerry's presidential bid. He's gonna get lots of questions on this, and I'm sure his people are trying to figure the best way to deflect them.

And finally, a bit of Friday humor: George W. Bush as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (via Metajournalism).