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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

How About We Wait for More States to Vote?

Kurtz has a collection of some dizzying media spin out of New Hampshire about whose campaign is up and whose is down following the primary results tonight. Members of the press seem so quick to want to throw people out of the race, even though Iowa and New Hampshire comprise only a tiny sliver of the total number of delegates. What do you say we wait for a few more states to weigh in here before we declare some of these cadidacies done for?

Bill Safire, meanwhile, continues to fantasize about Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. His column about a potential brokered convention must have been written before John Kerry finished with his second decisive victory in a row.

I fell asleep for a while when Dean was giving his speech tonight, a contrast with Dean's post-Iowa fireworks that certainly made me take notice. Kos thinks Dean is done for, but my unscientific sampling of posts and comments on a few Dean sites just now indicates supporters are more optimistic than they were in the aftermath of Iowa.

Tim Noah's article on the South sums up some of my feelings. I'm sick of the cynical calculations about needing a candidate who can appeal in the South, usually meaning one who is from the South. If we assume Southerners are so closed-minded that they will only vote for someone from their own region, we may be selling them short in a way that will cause resentment. But if they really are that closed-minded, they're not going to vote for anyone who lives up to Democratic ideals anyway.

And finally, I'll make an exception to my claim in the first paragraph of this post and ask: can we please get rid of Joe Lieberman? He's pathetically trying to spin a fifth-place finish tonight as a split decision for third. His tactics throughout the campaign have been awful, including the claim that he's the only Democrat in the field who has consistently taken a tough stand against terror and tyranny (in his TV ads), a statement that is beyond the pale. His strategy so far seems to be to try to appeal to Republicans and independents, seemingly forgetting that it may help to get some Democratic voters behind you to win the Democratic nomination. His media strategy has mirrored this, as Lieberman has committed such outrages as using info from Drudge to attack Clark and touting an endorsement from the right-wing Manchester Union Leader. I know the likes of Jeff Jacoby and David Brooks will be sad to see him go, but it's time for Lieberman to exit the stage.