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Friday, January 23, 2004

Friday Data Dump

A few more things to throw out here before the weekend hits.

A mega page of Dean remixes. I'm still enjoying these, four days later. I'm easily amused.

NPR's "On the Media" program has a piece on the adopt-a-journalist movement in the blogosphere. You can listen to the piece, which includes interviews with the guy who runs Campaign Desk, Jay Rosen of Press Think, William of Wilgoren Watch and Jodi Wilgoren too. It's nice to see this stuff getting some notice--there's this AP article out now as well that references the Wilgoren Watch.

Wesley Clark has accused the questioners in last night's debate of having a Republican agenda in some of the things they asked him. I noted in my post-debate post that Clark's questions seemed especially hostile compared to the rest. (Article via Drudge) Mark Kleiman and Michael Moore's sites have more stuff defending the general today.

Once again, very bad news for the administration (David Kay says no WMDs in Iraq, Halliburton admits workers took kickbacks) comes out on a Friday. It figures.

I never got around to doing a Pro Picks or weekend sports preview this week. I guess I have the Democratic primary picking up the slack for my sports viewing these days, and I'll be sure to have a boffo Super Bowl XXXVIII edition next week. With the Super Bowl and the end of football season approaching, it's probably time to start watching more basketball as I try to endure the dead period until March Madness begins. Then we get baseball starting, NBA and NHL playoffs, etc.

My only comment on the football hype is that I continue to be astounded by the over-analysis of this game. Two weeks is too long to dissect one football matchup, I'm telling you. This article makes my case: when you're devoting a major Globe sports piece to one-week layoff versus two-week layoff before the Super Bowl, you know you must be in the middle of a two-week layoff, first, and second, you know why one week is preferable. And can the hosts on sports radio please stop comparing the Patriots to the '72 Dolphins, '85 Bears, etc. in debating whether they are one of the greatest teams of all time? Very bad karma.

I'm going up to New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon with a loyal DK reader and friend to check out the silliness of the primary campaign. I am not volunteering for anyone, just playing the tourist--perhaps one of the pols will sway me with a powerful performance in person. I should be back Sunday night with some first-hand impressions of the candidates to share! No half-assed observations based on watching TV and reading CNN articles this time! Also on Sunday night check out the Blogging of the President radio special. Connolly Watch's next installment will be late Sunday or Monday, when I'll review the full weekend of work. That is, if I don't freeze to death in New Hampshire.