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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

DK Mention in Wired Article

I am quoted in a Wired article by Noah Shachtman out this morning about the adopt-a-journalist movement.

The quote from me doesn't appear until the second page:

"In 2000, bits of misinformation were picked up, repeated and run with. They took on the aura of truth," said a university research assistant who goes by the pseudonym "Dimmy Karras." Karras has "adopted" the Washington Post's Ceci Connolly.

I've already been getting some clicks in from the page, and if that's how you found me, welcome to the site. Shachtman also quotes a few of my fellow watchers in the piece, along with Glenn Reynolds and Jodi Wilgoren.

The only thing I wish had received some more emphasis is that this is still very much a small, fledgling movement. We've only started doing this consistently in the past month or so, and for that reason we're still finding our way on exactly how to proceed. I (and I'm sure others) am making an effort to avoid partisanship in this endeavor and to praise what I consider good journalism too. I am trying to settle on how much to hold individual reporters responsible versus the larger media organizations they work for. A lot of my "Connolly Watch" entries, in fact, use her work as an example of trends I see in the media writ large.

In short, I would submit that this is a good idea that is still getting worked out in practice.