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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Connolly Watch Addendum 1.28.04

Mickey Kaus makes light of the stuff that bothers me in campaign reporting:

Let the Turkey Shoot Begin! Reporters dread the idea of spending the next six months covering Kerry (the expression "Shoot me now" was heard when his picture came on the screen). The only way out--the only way to make the race interesting--is to present voters with a ... fuller picture of the New Hampshire winner. ... CeCi Connolly, our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you! Doesn't Kerry remind you of ... Al Gore? I think he does! ... And why do I feel the Democrats are due for the worst case of Buyer's Remorse in the modern history of the country! ... P.S.: Entry forms are still available for the Kerry Withdrawal Contest. ... 12:51 A.M.

Oh, isn't it funny how the press is harder on the front-runner just to be so? We'll see if Connolly plays along with the Kaus suggestion in the coming days.