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Friday, January 30, 2004

Connolly Watch 1.30.04

Again there's nothing in the Post by Connolly today as she continues her brief break to thaw out after New Hampshire. An emailer, however, has given me a heads-up that Connolly will be appearing on Washington Week in Review tonight from Kansas City. I'll be tuning in.

The PBS site also has a bio of Connolly and a link to video of her recent appearances on the show from that page.

In the interim, check out the Campaign Desk post titled "Be Careful What You Link To." I actually noticed this yeaterday too when Howard Kurtz wrote of Joe Trippi's ouster, "Was it Trippi who suggested that Dean start yelling during his Iowa concession speech?" Zachary Roth of CJR responds, "As a matter of fact, the answer appears to be 'yes'" and he links to this Times story that notes, "It was also Mr. Trippi who suggested that Dr. Dean give a rousing, fired-up speech after his crushing third-place finish in Iowa, a speech--and screech--that may have led to his undoing in New Hampshire."

Uggabugga makes a similar discovery about Andrew Sullivan's complaint that Josh Marshall's New Yorker essay on imperialism doesn't mention September 11. In fact, Marshall does mention the terrorist attacks of that day.

Lesson: don't trust the likes of Howard Kurtz and Andrew Sullivan to read articles for you. Read them yourself.