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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Abandoning Ship

Oliver Willis is no longer backing Dean now that the profligate spending has been revealed, calling his campaign "the Enron of politics." Meanwhile the money crunch has forced Dean not to run TV ads in the seven upcoming primary states that will vote on Tuesday. The campaign's fall has been truly stunning. Even Nedra Pickler doesn't need to go out of her way to slam Dean in the article since the campaign has been generating so much negative press on its own these last few days.

Tom Brokaw is moderating tonight's MSNBC debate from South Carolina. It's at 7:00 and will run 90 minutes. Watch out for pandering to Southern voters and arguments over who can win in the South, especially given Kerry's remarks from the other day and John Edwards' repeated campaign theme emphasizing his roots. The other big question is whether anyone chooses to go negative on Kerry.