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Friday, November 07, 2003

Weekend Sports Preview

Apologies for lack of blogging today--real life beckons at times.

This weekend's football isn't nearly as good as last week. Survival Saturday has spoiled me to the point where wondering whether Notre Dame may actually lose to Navy for the first time in 40 years just doesn't get me pumped. The good part of Miami losing last week is that now there are a bunch of one-loss teams with a shot at the national title game. It makes the BCS picture a mess, but it also makes a lot more games meaningful.

Unfortunately there aren't many games involving those top teams this weekend (LSU and USC are off). Miami-Tennessee is probably most intriguing because it's a chance to see how the 'Canes respond after their first regular-season loss since September 2000 in Washington. Of course, it's not on TV in Boston, where we get BC-West Virginia. Also playing at noon tomorrow are Ohio State and Michigan State. The Buckeyes still have a shot to repeat as champs but most people don't give them a good chance since they also have to play Purdue and at Michigan. Beating a 2-7 Penn State team by a single point last week wasn't too impressive either, though I hear this Scott McMullen guy that filled in at QB for the injured Craig Krenzel is reasonably good. I think the game may be on the Providence ABC affiliate.

The games I'm looking forward to actually watching involve two of the top Heisman candidates. Eli Manning goes up against Auburn in the 3:30 CBS game. Mississippi is the only undefeated team left in the SEC also, so the game is important. Ole Miss also hosts LSU two weeks from tomorrow in Manning's final home game and the SEC West could be on the line. ESPN has Heisman-hopeful Larry Fitzgerald and the Pitt Panthers going against the giant killers from Virginia Tech tomorrow night. Fitzgerald set the consecutive-games-with-a-TD-reception record last week against my BC Eagles, of course, and everyone touts him as the best wideout in the country, so take a look.

Mark Baludschun also notes that the Oklahoma game with Texas A&M is being overlooked somewhat. Granted, Oklahoma has annihilated Texas and Oklahoma State in their presumed challenge games so far, making for dull TV, but Blaudschun reminds us that OU was also 8-0 last season going into the A&M game, and they lost. The game isn't being televised in Boston.

If the slate of college football doesn't get you excited, I recommend checking out the Roy Jones-Antonio Tarver fight tomorrow night. I don't mean pay the PPV charge, just go catch it at a bar if you're so inclined. Should be a good fight. There's also good golf on this weekend if you're into that sort of thing (I'm not), and it's even bumping ABC's usual 3:30 college football game tomorrow.

Boston-area NFL telecasts Sunday afternoon are Giants-Falcons on Fox at 1:00 (why?), Dolphins-Titans at 1:00 on CBS, and Cowboys-Bills--the Parcells-Bledsoe reunion--at 4:00 on Fox. Enjoy.