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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Saturday Politics

Blog for America will have the Dean decision on whether to accept the deferal matching funds at noon. Gee, I wonder what the outcome of the vote will be?

The aura of inevitability is starting to grow around Dean. Crossfire yesterday did a whole segment about a potential Dean-Bush matchup in the general election, for example.

I've also been giving Dean lots of attention because he's had a visible week with the fundraising decision, Confederate flag flap and major union endorsement. I've given less blog-space to Clark lately, but to be fair, I must say I've been impressed by the Clark campaign's message on Iraq this week. His speech on Thursday echoed a lot of what I read in the Boston Globe op-ed by Clark that morning, including this good turn of phrase: "President Bush keeps telling us we should stay the course. But what we really must do is change course." The specific proposals are the best I've seen from anyone. Now, if he could do this on domestic policy, Clark would really have something.

Al Gore will be giving a speech for MoveOn about freedom and security tomorrow at 2pm. You can watch the webcast here.

The Globe has a Living/Arts article on the young woman who asked the candidates with whom they would most like to party at the Rock the Vote forum. Also, I've been meaning to link to this for a while now. With that graphic, is it any wonder a lot of people don't take the Democratic primary contenders seriously?