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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The Mass SJC Gay Marriage Ruling

Here's Boston.com on the 4-3 decision, which apparently rules the ban on gay marriage unconstitutional but also doesn't grant marriage licenses to the couples who challenged the law. Sounds like there was some hair-splitting going on, which may account for the long delay in this ruling coming down (people were expecting it back in July). The opinions for the case, Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, aren't available yet.

CNN is similarly sparse at this point.

The Boston.com story says the Massachusetts state legislature will have 180 days to come up with a solution. Perhaps this will mollify those who complain of legislating from the bench? Actually, of course it won't--conservatives will go nuts about anything short of saying gays don't deserve the rights of straight people. Plus Tom Finneran and others on Beacon Hill support amending the Mass Constitution to define marriage as a man and woman. This will be interesting.

Anyway, the major news seems to be that this is a victory for gay rights, which is a victory for everyone who believes in equal rights and non-discrimination. I am proud to be from Massachusetts, a state that is willing to make such a decision despite the condemnation sure to follow from some corners.

Updates to follow once I get a chance to read the opinions and hear reaction from state leaders.