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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Joan Vennochi's Laziness re: Kerry

The Tuesday Boston Globe column by Joan Vennochi seemed familiar to me in its mocking of John Kerry's campaign woes:

John Kerry's presidential campaign needs more than a new campaign manager. It needs a new candidate. In an effort to stop Howard Dean's advance to the Democratic presidential nomination, Kerry fired his own campaign manager. He replaced Jim Jordan with Mary Beth Cahill, a veteran Democratic political operative with strong ties to Massachusetts. This shake-up at the top stopped one rung too low. If Kerry can't change the presidential candidate, the presidential candidate cannot win the Democratic presidential nomination.

A little looking on Nexis turned up Scot Lehigh's September 17 column that covered the shake-up following the departure of Chris Lehane from the Kerry campaign. Lehigh wrote the following:

With Lehane gone, there's now some talk that Kerry may install someone to supersede campaign manager Jim Jordan.

Given the candidate's recent performance, here's a better idea: The campaign should find someone to supersede John Kerry.

Oh, not forever. Just until the candidate decides who he is. And what he stands for.

I wonder if Joan will ever give Scot credit for the rhetorical device she used on Tuesday? Sometimes I feel like I'm writing Silly Globe.