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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Congressional Committee Clears Bill Bulger

Boston.com reports that today the House Government Reform Committee has published a scathing document on FBI misconduct in Boston relating to the investigation of the mob. It also says there isn't evidence that former president of UMass and the State Senate, William Bulger, went after those who investigated his brother James "Whitey" Bulger.

This is really too bad for all of the local hack journalists who have made careers out of insinuating bad things about Bill Bulger. Expect some cries of congressional incompetence from the more shameless ones like Howie Carr. Hopefully those who at least try to retain some aura of respectability, like the Boston Globe's "Spotlight!" team, will just slink away never to be heard from again on this.

I know, Bill Bulger's brother is linked to a bunch of killings. That's why I suggest the authorities try to find James Bulger, rather than attack William's character, which serves no one and has been a favorite parlor game in this region for years now.