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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Amateur Hour in the Senate

The senators seem to be making an active effort tonight to make themselves look like morons. You can catch their 30-hour marathon "debate" on C-SPAN 2 all night and through the day tomorrow.

Republicans are mad that Democrats won't agree to confirm a few judges, so they've decided to waste a lot of time with a theatrical bitch-fest. This despite the fact that there is no prescription drug bill passed, no energy bill (and I think none is better than what they've been working on), no passage yet for a bunch of budget bills, and continuing problems with the economy and Iraq they could be spending time on too.

Basically they are making total asses of themselves.

The senate has confirmed 98 percent of President Bush's judicial nominations. During the final two years of President Clinton's presidency, the number was 61 percent. The Constitution gives the president power to appoint judges with the advice and consent of the senate. Democrats have chosen not to consent to a few of the most extreme idologues that Bush has tapped. That's how it goes.

Bush has really changed the tone in Washington, DC, as he promised he would do in his 2000 campaign. The problem is that he's changed it for the worse (hat tip to Al Franken).