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Monday, November 10, 2003

Adrian Walker is an Idiot

I should just declare Monday sarcasm day and be done with it. Anyway, here's Walker in today's Globe on the possibility of a JFK Birthday holiday for the state legislature:

After all, it has been hard work the past couple of years, passing less legislation than any Massachusetts Legislature in memory. If they didn't have to pass a budget, and debate the occasional capital punishment or gay marriage initiative, they would hardly have been heard from at all. Sounds burdensome, doesn't it?

It sounds about as burdensome as writing a vapid newspaper column twice a week for a living, Adrian (assuming, of course, that quantity of legislation passed is even a good proxy for how hard legislators work). This column may replace my previous favorite of his from this summer, which basically amounted to "Tom Menino should hire a black police commissioner for Boston because I say so."