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Sunday, October 19, 2003

TMQ Fired

According to Oliver Willis, Gregg Easterbrook has been fired by ESPN because of the controversy sparked by Easterbrook's perceived anti-Semitism in his blog post on the movie Kill Bill (he wrote something about how Jewish executives shouldn't be solely concerned with money and shouldn't be promoting violence due to the Holocaust--check Easterblogg link for the details). This means Easterbrook won't be writing his "Tuesday Morning Quarterback" column any more on ESPN.com's Page 2. Unfortunately for him, the incident came up just after the Rush Limbaugh comments, and ESPN is probably trying extra-hard to appear sensitive to everyone these days.

I have no special opinion on the alleged anti-Semitism and Easterbrook's apology. If you're itching to read on this, check out the blogroll--there was a lot of comment on this around the blogosphere the last few days.