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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Saletan Claims Clark Hypocritical on War

Saletan has an interesting Slate column up claiming that Wesley Clark is a hypocrite for criticizing Bush's statements on Iraq because they are similar to what Clark did regarding Kosovo in 1999. Can we now officially call Slate an anti-Clark media outlet? Michael Kinsley's dismissive essay on Clark's supporters from a few weeks ago definitely fits in this category. To be fair, Saletan did defend Clark from Hugh Shelton's gratuitous attack. (I haven't checked for any spin within the profile stuff on Clark.)

Put this on top of the CNN story"Poll: Support for Clark Ebbing" and it's a bad day at Clark HQ. The poll finds Clark drawing 15 percent in the latest national poll, down from 21 percent early this month. Still, he's only a point behind Dean's 16 percent. The article claims more Dems want to back a liberal candidate now than before (39 vs. 27), an interesting trend that helps to explain why relative moderates like Kerry and Edwards voted against the $87 billion, for instance.