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Friday, October 17, 2003

Pro Picks, Week 7: Angry at my TV

(Apologies for the delayed posting of this week's pro picks column. The Red Sox are to blame, as usual. Any losses I suffer this week are also Grady Little's fault.)

I tuned in to my local CBS affiliate at 4:00 this past Sunday and I was delighted to see that after inexplicably showing an hour of infomercials and the one-star 1975 comedy "The Black Bird" from 1:00 to 4:00, the station had put on Green Bay-Kansas City for its final moments. I saw Morten Andersen kick a game-tying KC field goal and the contest was heading to overtime. Then suddenly Jim Nantz broke in with the news that "due to our contract with the NFL we cannot show this game beyond the 4:15 window." I was summarily switched to the Meadowlands for the start of a mediocre game between the Jets and Bills.

The Chiefs are 6-0, the only team with six wins in the entire NFL, and thanks to the Boston TV schedule I've seen none of their games. Fortunately, the Chiefs are on Monday Night Football this week versus the ossifying Raiders, but the Fox and CBS schedulers who control the Sunday afternoon games must think that I and other football viewers are pretty darn parochial. Of course we want to see all the Pats games in Boston, but there's really no need to give us the Bills, Jets, Giants, Eagles and Redskins practically every week too at the expense of rarely letting us see any football played outside the northeast corridor.

What's the Fox doubleheader being shown in Boston this Sunday afternoon you ask? Giants-Eagles followed by Redskins-Bills. Perhaps the networks are in cahoots with DirecTV in trying to make me break down and buy NFL Sunday Ticket.

The picks that follow are, as always, for recreational purposes only.

Philadelphia at NY Giants

Now we've learned that Donovan McNabb is struggling because he has an injured thumb, though he's still expected to play this week. The injury news makes all of the race talk sound kind of silly now, doesn't it? Plenty of QBs win some games, get hyped up, and then later struggle statistically due to injuries (ahem, Tom Brady).

Pick: Eagles

Green Bay at St. Louis

Brett Favre is really good in the freezing cold and really bad indoors. Strange guy. (Of course, the SOB made an exception to this rule when he beat New England in the Super Bowl)

Pick: Rams

Denver at Minnesota

Jake Plummer originally hurt his foot in a game two weeks ago but he only broke it when he was getting up from the couch in his house. As Max Kellerman noted on Around the Horn yesterday (not that I watch that show...), "Lesson: Never get up off the couch!"

Pick: Vikings

New Orleans at Atlanta

Kurt Kittner will get his first start at QB, replacing the struggling Doug Johnson. The Falcons lost 36-0 on MNF to a Rams team that is still without Marshall Faulk. Look out below!

Pick: Saints

San Diego at Cleveland

The Chargers have had some tough seasons lately in which they started the season strong but ended with a string of losses. This year the team is not putting its fans through any such agony--they're losing games right from the start!

Pick: Browns

Kansas City at Oakland

The Raiders have two wins, both coming at home and by three points over Cincinnati and San Diego. They somehow were the AFC champions last season. Even Rich Gannon, last year's NFL MVP, is available on the waiver wire in my fantasy league, for Christ's sake.

Pick: Chiefs

Chicago at Seattle

The Bears will be starting 54-year-old veteran Chris Chandler in place of Kordell Stewart this week. For Chicago's sake, I hope Rex Grossman catches on quickly.

Pick: Seahawks

New England at Miami

It seems like a ritual that every season the Patriots lose in Miami early in the year and then beat Miami in Foxboro in December. At least this game won't be played in the swamp-like conditions of last week's Pats-Giants contest in Foxboro. Tom Brady completed one pass in the first half, and yet the Patriots led 7-3 at halftime. The NFL should destroy all evidence the game was played. Now do you understand why "The Black Bird" pissed me off so much?

Pick: Dolphins

Other Games

Carolina over Tennessee, Baltimore over Cincinnati, Dallas over Detroit, NY Jets over Houston, Tampa Bay over San Francisco, Washington over Buffalo

Last Week: 11-3 (I'm hot; maybe I should pick against the spread if this keeps up to give myself more of a challenge)
Season Record: 56-32