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Friday, October 10, 2003

Pope Nobel Speculation

As mentioned yesterday on this site, the Nobel peace prize will be announced in a few hours and the Pope is rumored as a possible recipient. His selection would cause an uproar in the US.

Conservatives would bash the Nobel committee as a bunch of weak-kneed leftists who are just taking a swipe at their just war in Iraq (Yasir Arafat even won a Nobel peace prize, you know!). Liberals, meanwhile, would be upset if the committee chooses to honor an outspoken opponent of gay marriage who spent his meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury last weekend making his case (Henry Kissinger even won a Nobel peace prize, you know!). Americans who are not necessarily of either political persuasion would also be upset over the pope's perceived inaction in the face of the child sexual abuse scandal in the US Catholic church.

Maybe these controversies are why the Nobel committee may end up going with Vaclav Havel instead.