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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

NYT Op-Eds and the Apocalypse

The Times op-edders are offering up some scary stuff these days. Here's a bit of Kristof's Wednesday column:

"So my fear is that we will now compound our mistake of invading Iraq by refusing to pay for our occupation and then pulling out our troops prematurely... In that case, Iraq would last about 10 minutes before disintegrating into a coup d'etat or a civil war... If that happens in Iraq, American credibility will be devastated, Al Qaeda will have a new base for operations, and Iraqis will be even worse off than they were in the days of Saddam Hussein."

And there's also Krugman's Tuesday column:

"There is now a huge structural gap--that is, a gap that won't go away even if the economy recovers--between U.S. spending and revenue. For the time being, borrowing can fill that gap. But eventually there must be either a large tax increase or major cuts in popular programs. If our political system can't bring itself to choose one alternative or the other--and so far the commander in chief refuses even to admit that we have a problem--we will eventually face a nasty financial crisis."

It's nice to see that the scare tactics perfected by the Bush administration are now being used by some of my favorite liberal columnists.