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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Media Hypocrisy re: Pamela Mackey (Kobe Case)

All of the legal commentators are crawling out of the woodwork to slam Pamela Mackey, Kobe's lead attorney, for her aggressive tactics during Thursday's preliminary hearing. The media, after months of reporting every salacious detail/rumor of the case, now apparently find Mackey's use of the accuser's name and insinuation about her sleeping around too hot to handle.

The anonymity issue is a non-issue. Do you think any of the reporters watching the hearing had not actually heard the accuser's name before Mackey uttered it six times in court? The name has been in newspaper editorials, on talk radio, and on tons of web sites. Anyone who wants to know who the accuser is can. If Mackey was not obeying court orders, fine, but don't act like she's ruining the girl's life by saying her name.

The question about sex with three different men over three days is rather dirty, yes, but the defense needs to be able to ask about other possible explanations for the accuser's injuries. She has accused Kobe of being a vicious sexual predator, after all, and now he can't insinuate she's a slut? Anyway, I bet Mackey probably has something to back up the suggestion that the accuser was engaging in lots of activity that could explain her physical condition.

This is a rape trial, people. It's not a dispute over a parking ticket, and, as we've all known for a while, it will get ugly.