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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Limbaugh's Addiction

Newsweek puts Rush Limbaugh on its cover this week with a profile that makes him look like a sad, pathetic individual. A lot of people on the left are enjoying watching Rush's downfall, and righties complain that this shows their cruelty. I find myself in the middle, both feeling sorry for Rush and happy he has been bumped off his pedastal.

First off, addiciton to drugs is a serious problem, one I would wish on no one. I hope Limbaugh recovers successfully. At the same time, I hope that this experience makes Rush Limbaugh more compassionate toward the struggles that millions of people face with substance abuse. He has made several statements in the past that were insensitive toward addicts, and maybe experiencing addiction himself will make him a more enlightened commentator.

It's unlikely that Limbaugh will lose his audience, but his influence will undoubtedly be diminished somewhat. As a Democrat, I find this to be a good thing. Just as liberals rejoice when a conservative figure loses credibility, conservatives rejoice when liberals suffer a similar fate, and such rejoicing is legitimate. There is a reasonable calculation to be made about how events will affect national politics and policy: a less influential Rush Limbaugh diminishes one of the strongest spokesmen for the conservative agenda, which makes future outcomes of national debates more likely to be to my liking. My hope is that the happiness with regard to this event confines itself to the hypocrisy that has been exposed and the political ramifications, without deteriorating into gloating about the suffering of a human being, as has probably been the case with some on the left.