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Thursday, October 30, 2003

LeBron James Debut Deserved the Hype

In a rare case of the hype being well-deserved, LeBron James made his regular-season NBA debut last night with 25 points and 9 assists in Cleveland's loss at Sacramento. Maybe ESPN's gushing is really justified this time around.

Just so I can bash ESPN in this post, though, I'll ask: what was up with the 10:30 start time? We end up missing most of the first quarter when the snoozer between Orlando and the Knicks goes to overtime. Why didn't the league schedule LeBron's debut for the eastern time zone, rather than make everyone stay up late in Cleveland? Madison Square Garden would've been a good place to start too--it should've been Cavs-Knicks in the 8:00 game last night.

(PS: How many people do you think were actually up at 5:30 am watching the Sonics and Clippers live from Japan on NBA TV? It's rough to be a fan of those teams who wanted to see the opener. Isn't it also a disadvantage for Seattle and the Clips that they'll be flying back and tired when they face other teams this coming week?)