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Friday, October 24, 2003

Kucinich Boycotts Hardball

For my daily Atrios citation, I was interested to see this post linking to an article in the Harvard Crimson saying Dennis Kucinich has refused to appear on the Hardball series of shows from Harvard. He claims Matthews is biased.

A lot of the comment thread at Eschaton complains about how Matthews has become a shill for Republicans even though he was an aide to Democrats in his previous life. Regardless of how valid any of this may be, I still would've loved to see a hostile Dennis Kucinich go on the show and put Matthews in his place. It has to be a bit of a problem when Saturday Night Live ceaselessly mocks the blowhards on Hardball, an MSNBC show too, doesn't it?

PS: Was I hallucinating or was John Kerry actually good in his Harvard performance Monday night? I think it's getting repeated by MSNBC tonight.