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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Krugman Critique at TCS

Arnold Kling, an MIT econ Phd, has an open letter to his former professor Paul Krugman posted over at Tech Central Station. He makes the familiar accusation (similar to the Beinart book review discussed here and here) that Krugman uses arguments about his opponents motives rather than arguments about the consequences of the policies they promote. I have two responses.

First, Kling is simply wrong to imply that Krugman doesn't argue policy positions on the merits. He does a lot of exactly that.

Second, Kling seems upset that Krugman would refer to motives at all. He doesn't seem to realize that these are op-ed columns we're talking about, not articles in the economics journals. Paul Krugman is not solely responsible for the decline of civilized policy discussions in this country either.

Krugman isn't always correct in his political assessments, but he shouldn't be banished from making them. He fills an important role in the national dialogue by highlighting the administration's dishonesty.