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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Good Reads

David Brooks, it pains me to say, has a very good column today in the New York Times. Taking a break from his whining about angry liberals, he offers up an ode to the northeast with reference to the Yankees-Red Sox series:

"It's interesting, for example, to turn and watch Yankee and Red Sox fans as they watch a game. As the game goes on, they almost never display pleasure, contentment or joy. Instead, during the game they experience long periods of contempt interrupted by short bursts of vindication."

As they say in the blogosphere, read the whole thing!

I also recommend Matthew Yglesias on "Why We Celebrate Columbus Day", the entirety of which I will paste below:

"The president's remarks:

"'The faith of the Italian-American community in God is an important part of our nation's fabric. The faith in family, the love of life and the commitment to our country are great gifts. Italian Americans share those gifts generously. And that is why we celebrate Columbus Day.'

"I thought it had something to do with the discovery of America."

And finally, look over the nifty new blog features at the re-jiggered Daily Kos.