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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Debate Review: Al Sharpton Is the Man

Here's tonight's debate transcript in case you missed it. As usual, I enjoyed Al Sharpton's brilliant oratory. He will be on for the full hour of Hardball tomorrow night in the "Battle for the White House" series from Harvard, which should be fun.

What I liked most about Sharpton was that he put the stupid reporters in their place. The reporters asking the questions seemed to think that they were there to participate in the contest rather than just put forward the topics for discussion. I mean really, everyone knew Dennis Kucinich misspoke when he gave the statistic on homicides in Detroit--there was no need for the reporter to grandstand on that point. Sharpton wasn't afraid to say he was angry at the premises behind the questions he faced and to blast the media for not taking regular people seriously or bothering to research his policy views.

And what's up with the Congressional Black Caucus debates being on Fox News twice now? Is this some kind of a joke?

Seriously, the real news of the debate is that Dean escaped unscathed yet again so he should continue to lead. Wesley Clark looked rather uncomfortable still in delivering his talking points.