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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Recall Remains Amusing

You might have though the recall was getting all serious, but NYT notes there's still fun for everyone:

"Yet even with the extraordinary legal maneuvering, involving issues no less weighty than constitutional law and the disenfranchisement of minorities, the race managed to amuse, befuddle and entertain.

"One of the 135 candidates vying for Mr. Davis's job, the pornography star Mary Carey, held a fund-raiser in Hollywood featuring a screening of her new movie. Tickets went for $20 and everyone under 18 was turned away.

"The leading Republican on the recall ballot, the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was a guest on the Howard Stern radio program after federal regulators ruled that Mr. Stern's show was a news program and thus exempt from the equal-time provision of federal law.

"Mr. Stern received Mr. Schwarzenegger warmly and endorsed his candidacy. But he seemed more interested in the actor's views on a new Los Angeles ordinance banning lap-dancing at strip clubs than on his proposed fixes for the state's workers compensation system."

For what it's worth, I think the recall should go forward on October 7. I'm opposed to the recall in general, but given that it's happening, I think October 7 is fine. The data on punch-card inaccuracies is questionable, and this aspect of the machines is probably only one of several voting issues relating to this unprecedented, bizarre election. I do hope that if the vote turns out to be really close and a lot of ballots aren't read by machines the courts will allow a reasonable recount to go forward this time around.

And I don't buy the line by the right-wing shills who say this is a left-wing power grab because a delay isn't necessarily good for the Dems anyway. McClintock can say all he wants, but I still think it would give Arnold more time to force him out of the race. Davis and Bustamante have decent momentum now too, and they could be losing out on a probable victory in three weeks if the 9th ruling stands. Who knows how the race could develop if it's prolonged? A March 2 voting date would help Davis, but that date isn't a certainty either.