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Monday, September 29, 2003

Energy Bill Outrage

The NYT lead editorial takes another crack at exposing the disgusting congressional cronyism that is the energy bill, noting that it is now in conference and entirely in the hands of

"...Senator Pete Domenici and Representative Billy Tauzin, both reliable allies of the fossil fuel industry (although Mr. Domenici is also a big fan of nuclear power) and neither a visionary thinker. Since Labor Day, these two veteran deal makers have been cherry-picking provisions they like, discarding those they don't and for good measure infuriating their colleagues by adding new items of their own.

"This process is undemocratic even by Congress's clubby standards. Even worse is the almost certain outcome: a tired compendium of tax breaks and subsidies for energy producers leavened by a few gestures toward energy efficiency."

Many people on the left are getting worked up over Halliburton's no-bid contracts in Iraq while the energy bill would provide tax breaks several times the value of those contracts to administration friends. These are the same friends Dick Cheney is embarrassed to admit helped him draft the legislation he submitted to Congress a few years ago.