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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Dean's Support

Kevin Drum writes that Dean is sending signals he may not be willing to step aside for another Democratic nominee and to tell his supporters to vote for that nominee in the event it isn't him. Dean spoke to LA Weekly on Clark's late entry:

"It's going to be incredibly hard. I mean, we've already got 39,000 people working for us all around the country . . . I really do believe — and I think about this — I want to get this nomination, and if I don't . . . these kids are not transferrable. I can't just go out and say, 'Okay, so I didn't win the nomination, so go ahead and vote for the Democrats.' They're not going to suddenly just go away. That's not gonna happen."

Drum writes, "He can't tell them to just 'go ahead and vote for the Democrats'? I thought this was the guy who came from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party?"

Josh Marshall, on a related note, recently shared an email from an angry Dean supporter who claimed TPM was trying to destroy Dean's candidacy and threatened not to vote next fall if Dean is done in by his detractors. This lack of team spirit from some in the Dean ranks is disturbing to Democrats (like me) who just want to beat Bush and want to critically look at the Democratic options in order to give us the best shot at doing so. Howard Dean may turn out to be a good nominee, but he's also not the messiah that everyone should just anoint the nominee months ahead of the primaries.