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Monday, August 11, 2003

Recall Thoughts

I have little original to add on the recall, though here are two things I think haven't been emphasized enough.

Immigration/Latino Vote: Art Torres on This Week was trying to tie Schwarzenegger to Pete Wilson, the bogeyman Democrats have been conjuring up for years in California to try to get Latino votes. I know the Dems made lots of literature in 2000 printed in Spanish tying Bush to Wilson, for example. Arnold will also have to take a position eventually on Ward Connerly's ballot initiative trying to ban the government from collecting racial and ethnic data, a move that would cripple affirmative action efforts. That question also comes up to a vote on October 7. We'll see if Arnold can successfully be painted as anti-immigrant/anti-Latino by the Dems, or if his own immigrant background is enough to carry him through.

Democratic Presidential Candidates: Thay are getting no attention these days because all of the political junkies in the country are preoccupied with the excitement on the west coast. Dean's boomlet of coverage with the magazine covers last week seems to have lasted for a very short time. The only discussion I saw on the Sunday shows this morning of the Dem candidates was Joe Lieberman's interview on Fox in which he bashed Dean's positions, echoing his National Press Club remarks of a few days back. Maybe attention will return in October, but the recall at least may make it hard for candidates in the Democratic presidential race to establish momentum between now and then.