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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Prop 13 Again

I forgot to post a link to this LAT article from today on the fallout from Buffett's Prop 13 remarks (see yesterday's post on this topic).

"Schwarzenegger immediately sought to distance himself from his high-profile economic advisor and defended the 1978 tax-slashing measure, which has become akin to holy writ, particularly among California homeowners.

"Rivals — Democrat and Republican alike — seized on the comments to criticize Schwarzenegger and accuse him of ducking a serious debate on issues.

"'I think it's time for Arnold to come out from behind the curtain,' Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bill Simon Jr. said as he opened his campaign headquarters, 25 stories above downtown Sacramento.'I guess apparently he stands for higher taxes, based on what his chief economic advisor said today.'"

Arnold's invincible position sure disappeared quickly, huh? Now a poll finds him in a virtual tie with Bustamante, and efforts to postpone the recall are making headway too, as I'm sure you know by now. That is supposed to be good news for Gray Davis, and the way things are going the October 7 date may not be soon enough for Schwarzenegger anyway. Eventually his handlers will have to put Arnold out there on his own talking policy--and I'm really looking forward to seeing that.