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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

NFL Preseason Injuries

Mike Wilbon repeats the same old complaints we hear every August about how the NFL preseason is too long and players end up needlessly injured. And even though we go through this every year, nothing ever changes. I don't expect changes this time around either.

As a Pat fan, I'm not so excited Chad Pennington is out either (his dislocated & broken wrist injury was nasty, painful to see on TV) because Vinny Testaverde can get the job done. The Jets will suffer at other positions this year, but not QB. The whole situation reminds me of when Testaverde blew out his knee in the opening game against New England in 1999 (a fellow Pat fan I knew at school claimed he "had an orgasm" when he saw Vinny hurt). Then of course Ray Lucas led the Jets to a win in Foxboro later in the year, dashing the Pats' playoff chances.

BTW, the premiere of "Playmakers", ESPN's gritty new drama series about football players, is Tuesday night at 9. I questioned the propriety of the show in this post, and I'll be back with my thoughts on the actual show after I see the first episode.