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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

My Take on Playmakers

The reviews I cited yesterday were largely correct about Playmakers. The show does hold my interest throughout, but the script and storylines are way overdone. The linebacker, who is mad at his dad for his brother's death in football practice as kids, is silly. So is the blatant favoritism shown to the younger running back by the team ownership. And, as Simmons notes, smoking crack a half hour before the game? Come on, now, that's crazy.

I also agree that the narration by characters is excessive and lacking in subtlety. "When you're a playmaker, the rules don't apply," is a good example--as if that isn't clear when the cops let off a guy who is speeding with drugs in his car.

Still, I'll be watching, though more out of a curiosity about how ESPN will depict things than because I'm expecting to be blinded by artistic brilliance.