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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Holcomb over Couch

Butch Davis has decided that the Cleveland Browns starting QB will be Kelly Holcomb rather than Tim Couch. This is the right decision. Holcomb was awesome in Cleveland's playoff loss last season and he looked good in some of the Browns preseason game I saw on Friday night as well. Even though Couch came in heralded as the #1 pick in the draft, he has not quite performed at the level we've seen from Holcomb.

I give credit to Butch Davis for having the guts to sit a quarterback earning over $6 million and who was brought in to be a franchise cornerstone a few years back. The evaluation of talent in the NFL is never an exact science, as Holcomb and many others have proven through the years. The Browns really can't lose out here because they have two good QBs, a necessity due to probability of injury at the position. And if Holcomb holds the job this year, they can almost certainly deal Couch in the coming offseason to free cap room and get some draft picks.