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Monday, August 11, 2003

Garnett a Net?

MSNBC reports the Nets may be considering a trade with the Blazers that could ultimately be designed to help Jersey sign Kevin Garnett next summer. This would be a nightmare for the Celtics; we've seen Antoine Walker toasted by Kenyon Martin in the playoffs, so how would Walker fare against KG? I actually think the Nets would gain from just the Blazer trade alone, and Portland may want to deal just to shake up their roster. KMart is an idiot for demanding a trade.

The Blazers' management told fans they have a new code of conduct for players, which may also explain the desire to move Rasheed "Technical Foul" Wallace and Ruben "Sex Offender" Patterson. The code was mocked on Fox's Best Damn Sports Show last week, with sample entries including things like "rookies must change veterans' bong water."

And finally, leave it to US Olympian Allen Iverson to offer some wise words on the Kobe case:

"'It's just something I don't like to discuss or want to discuss, because I've been through that in my own life,' Iverson said. 'You have people speculating on what they think happened, and everybody is talking about it. It's a big media circus, and it takes away from the realness of what went on. You turn it into a comedy show instead of something real. It's just unfair to speak on it and say what I think. I just wouldn't do it. I got respect for Kobe and I got respect for the alleged victim, and I won't do that.'"