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Friday, August 29, 2003

Conason on Compassion

Joe Conason writes on Bush's "compassion"--a topic much-covered in this space lately, in an article for The Nation:

"Indeed, 'compassion' is a featured topic on the new website put up by Bush-Cheney '04 (www.georgewbush.com), where 'news' about the President's agenda of compassion includes highlights like 'President stresses importance of health and fitness.' The need for such filler reflects how thin the Administration's portfolio for the poor remains. The site's most noticeable feature is a 'compassion photo album' consisting almost entirely of photos of the smiling Bush with smiling black children. This is almost identical to the public-relations material Bush and his advisers rolled out during the 2000 campaign (and the minstrel-show GOP convention in Philadelphia), repackaged to remind voters that he is, or purports to be, a 'different kind of Republican.'"

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