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Friday, August 22, 2003

Charles Barkley on LKL

Barkley was on Larry King tonight, commenting on "his friend Kobe Bryant" as the writing on the screen told viewers. I like Chuck--his outspoken comments are a breath of fresh air compared to much of what you hear from TV analysts, neither bland nor meaningless bluster. One thing that has bothered me about Barkley for a while is how he always tries to play up his friendships with bigger stars like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

Maybe he feels he needs to do that to help out his own career as a talking head, but that is definitely no longer the case after his years building a good TV rep on TNT. Another possibility is that he feels he needs to be seen as the pal of the stars for his own self-esteem. In any case, it seems a little distasteful to me. Just make your comments and leave your personal relationships with people out of it whenever you can.